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Human Resources Solutions & Management

We pride ourselves in facilitating HR and service delivery in public and private sector organisations in African countries, building their HR capabilities for better service delivery aligned to their respective goals.  

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Translation & Interpreting

We provide companies with both face-to-face/phone interpreters and translators for business meetings, conferences, and engagements as well as translation of documents in various languages.  

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IT & Information Technology (ICT)

At Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC), we help our partners and clients who have not embraced IT and ICT components to understand the importance of both and how they could be pivotal to their company’s growth and sustainability. 

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supply chain management

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

We support our clients in optimizing their overall supply chain with logistics and operational planning to provide a clear-cut project outlook using facts to find the most pragmatic solutions to achieving and maintaining efficiency.

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investment service

Investments & Business Consultations

Africa is a continent brimming with opportunities for growth, which is why potential investors and international corporates need a reliable, on-the-ground partner who understands these opportunities, as well as the unique challenges and regulatory frameworks for successful business in Africa.

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business partnerships

Business Partnerships

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy Ltd (SDBC) aims to engage businesses, facilitate dialogue and innovation, and directly support the public in creating opportunities for “partnership co-creation”, including innovation spaces and matchmaking services.

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finance solution

Finance & Procurement Solutions

All procurements include tender/contract evaluations, management, controls, and analysis and provide companies with administration and capital budgets, and purchases that are processed and set up on an Oracle-based Financial Management system,

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renewable energy

Mining & Renewable Energies

At Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC), we help and facilitate companies in mining, renewable energies, and technology providers in the field to engage, connect, educate, but also share their expertise in delivering viable and sustainable mines and renewable 

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trade facilitation

Trade Facilitations

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) facilitates businesses through partners and distributors search, company representation at trade fair/shows and provides support services to help you minimise costs, while maximising your business growth.

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