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What We Offer

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Human Resources Solutions

We pride ourselves in facilitating HR and service delivery in public and private sector organisations in African countries building their HR capabilities 

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Translation & Interpreting

We facilitate companies with both face-to-face / phone interpreters and translators for business meetings, conferences, and engagements as well 

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IT & Information Technology (ICT)

We believe that technology and human-entered design are revolutionizing brand experiences. Remarkable innovations are allowing products.

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supply chain management

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We support our clients in optimizing their overall supply chain with logistics and operational planning to provide a clear-cut project outlook using facts

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investment service

Investments & Business Consultations

Africa is a continent brimming with opportunities for growth, which is why potential investors and international corporates need a reliable, on-the

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business partnerships

Business Partnerships

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy Ltd (SDBC) aims to engage businesses, facilitate dialogue and innovation, and directly support the public in

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finance solution

Finance & Procurement Solutions

All procurements will include tender/contract evaluations, managements, controls, and analysis 

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renewable energy

Mining & Renewable Energies

At Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC), we help and facilitate companies in mining, renewable energies, 

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trade facilitation

Trade Facilitations

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) facilitates businesses through partners and distributors search, 

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