About Us

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) Plays a key role in assisting in the Development of effective progressive and strategic economic relationships between Africa (West Africa), the Sahel Region and the rest of the World.

SDBC is a business company that facilitates investments, commercial transactions, create partnership opportunities, carry out company representations and product placements and, above all, offer excellent bilateral cooperation and advisory services to institutions and companies looking into trade, investments, and business opportunities in the African continent, and in particular in the West African markets, the Sahel region, but also in the European markets.

Our knowledge and network within various industries on these continents and regions are truly phenomenal and unmatched. Therefore, Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) takes an ethical approach with every project as our goal is to satisfy and retain our customers, clients, and partners throughout their successful business life.

Our Vision

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) aims at being a bridge company between European Businesses and investors with interest of engaging in trade, business, and investment opportunities in the African continent and in particular in West-Africa and the Sahel – Region.

Our vision is to become a global business company that provides first class expertise, advice, and practical solutions for a changing world. This will be achieved through provision of robust support, strategic direction, and input into the running of companies, generating new ideas for innovation in order to obtain a win-win partnership between companies.

Sahel Direct Business & Consultancy (SDBC) will create platforms and enable large clients to manage field of operations in their day-to-day business, covering investments, trade, import-export, education, mines and energy, real estate, infrastructure, sales, rentals, and with key governmental bodies as all business executives across the continent and the world at large.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create sustainable direct businesses and provide consultancy by utilising our knowledge, innovation and skills in building relationships, networks that will support our clients to achieve their business objectives, growth, and profit in the ever-changing global marketplace.

In order to achieve this mission, Sahel Direct (SDBC) will function as a full stakeholder to business Companies and Institutions, offering a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology led solutions that encompass the entire Enterprise value chain.

We pledge to be an innovative, best-in class consulting, IT solutions and services provider that will make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us.

Our Customer-centric Engagement Model will guide our engagements with our clients, offering specialised services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of their businesses.

Our Team

  • ICT Specialist
  • Business & Investment Specialist
  • Market Linkages & Trade Support
  • Finance & Procurement Expert
  • Production & Supply Chain Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Administrator